Fixing brushes of the iRobot…

I’ve been using the same old brushes for more than a year now on our “Profimaster Robot Model 2712″. They are a little misdesigned, as the brushes go under the wheels of the robot, which makes them tare.

I fixed the brushes with some Sugru™ and bristles from a simple wallpaper brush, which I used to hang the Open Streetmap Wallpaper.

Here are the pictures of the build and a video of the result:

Fail2ban country statistics…

I was lucky enough to seize a “Raspberry Pi Colocation“-slot for my Raspberry Pi.

To secure it further I just recently installed fail2ban.
The software basically detects login attempts and blocks the IP for some limited time in the future. This prevents a depletive password guessing for server logins.

I was interested in the password-guessers` country of origin. Now I can confirm, at least for my Raspberry Pi, that most attacks come from China.
110 CN
2 UA
2 RU
2 DE
1 VN
1 PE
1 KR
1 CZ
1 BD

the quick and dirty command for this looks like this: (you need to have ‘whois’ installed)

for i in `sudo cat /var/log/fail2ban.log | sed 's/.*[Bb]an \(.*\)/\1/' | sort | uniq | cut -d ' ' -f 1 | grep "\."`; do
echo $i; whois $i | grep country\: |head -n 1 >> fail2ban_ctry.log ;
cat fail2ban_ctry.log fail2bancry2.log | sed 's/country: //g' |sort | uniq -c |sort -nr

Hetzner Network Conf

Hetzner Root Server Networking Configuration…

I’ve been setting up a new server at
I ran into problems when configuring the network. The server is running Debian (wheezy).

hetzner network info
note the last line: “The additional route to the gateway is now no longer necessary.” not only that: it will not work.

The basic configuration looked like this:

## /etc/network/interfaces example Hetzner root server
# Loopback-Adapter
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback
# LAN interface
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static
# Main IP address of the server
# Netmask (/32) independent from the
# real subnet size (e.g. /27)
# explicit host route to the gateway

This should work, as mentioned in the Hetzner DokuWiki.

I added DNS servers at the end (use your DNS servers here or pick an open DNS server)

dns-nameservers X.X.X.X Y.Y.Y.Y

at the end since I’ve resolvconf installed.
eth0 did not come up correctly.

When trying ‘ifdown eth0; ifup eth0′ I kept getting:
ifdown: interface eth0 not configured
RTNETLINK answers: File exists
Failed to bring up eth0.

This error would show up at boot time or when trying to start eth0 by hand.
The setup would look fine otherwise, IP was correct network seemed to work, but the DNS-servers were not added correctly. Weird!

‘ifdown –force eth0; ifup eth0′ worked. Server went off for a second but came back. with DNS-servers setup correctly. Interesting!

I started to comment out lines from /etc/network/interfaces.
Et voilá!

It turns out: It is deadly to try to configure ‘gateway’ in /etc/network/interfaces!

Finally I used this:

## /etc/network/interfaces working Hetzner root server
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static
# next line optional
## never EVER use the next line! you have been warned!
## gateway
dns-nameservers X.X.X.X Y.Y.Y.Y

I hope this post will save others some time to fix this issue with their setup. (CC-BY-SA Mark Fisher)

Adding SSL to transmission’s web interface…

If you’re using transmission’s web interface to manage your torrent downloads, and you are doing this remotely (from outside your LAN), you might want to add some privacy.

As previously posted there are ways to use magnet links with transmission’s web interface. This webinterface works well when you are on your local network aka LAN and don’t have to fear prying eyes.
The moment you’re using the transdroid android app or your laptop in a coffee shop the commands and responses of your transmission daemon at home can be read by anyone.

Luckily the transdroid android app offers an SSL option. All you have to do is configure a proxy on your transmission daemon machine.

Here is how:
Install nginx (a lightweight http/https server):
apt-get install nginx
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Big Bang Theory Relationship Diagram Update…

Two years ago I did a relationship diagram based on data collected from The Big Bang Theory TV-Series. Meisterluk updated his data for the seasons 5 and 6.
Obviously I had to update my diagram, which I finally had time to do. Here it is:

Big Bang Theory Relationship Diagram

It is only based on the data regarding dating and sex. The little mistakes I found in Meisterluk’s data i corrected again and am mirroring the corrected data here.

What did I change for the new version 1.4, since the last version 1.3 from 2011? I moved the names into the circles to keep it more compact. I changed the position of the timeline and moved some characters around for readability.
The basic concept is the same as in v 1.3. Characters that share the same length and color line on the radial timeline in the same radial distance have a relationship (date/sex). That’s it.
One can clearly see that Leonard and Penny have an on-and-off relationship. Which they finally pick up again in season 5. Sheldon and Amy, and Howard and Bernadette have the two stable relationships in the group. Their relationships go on for almost 3 seasons now.
Raj seems almost asexual if one compares his timeline. He has only one sexual encounter per season. I did not count the ‘dating’ Raj did with Siri as it is a computer voice. At the end of season 6 Raj finally picks up a relationship with Lucy. Let’s see where this ends in season 7.


Maischebottich Severin EA 3653…

wer zuhause bier braut benötigt neben viel zeit und geduld auch die nötige ausrüstung. etwas mehr der letzteren wenn man direkt mit malz arbeitet.
hier fällt der arbeitsschritt des maischens an.

fürs maischen und würze kochen habe ich mir einen severin einkochautomat (3653) besorgt. das gerät kostet 70 euro und hat die richtige grösse. mit 29 litern fassungsvermögen geht sich ein 20 liter sud gut aus.

es gibt nur ein kleines problem, den überhitzungsschutz. dieser verhindert dass dickflüssige flüssigkeiten im einkochautomat erhitzt werden. er löst aus und das heizelement lässt sich für ein paar stunden nicht zum arbeiten überreden. um maische gut verarbeiten zu können muss man den überhitzungsschutz deaktivieren.

die gebrauchsanweisung zitiert:

Das Gerät ist durch einen speziellen Übertemperaturbegrenzer vor Überhitzung geschützt. Sollte der Überhitzungsschutz das Gerät abschalten, ziehen Sie den Netzstecker und lassen Sie das Gerät abkühlen. Anschließend ist das Gerät wieder funktionsbereit.
Achtung: Der Einkochautomat ist nur zur Erwärmung von Flüssigkeiten ausgelegt. Dickflüssige Speisen dürfen nicht erhitzt werden, da durch die ungleichmäßige Wärmeabnahme der Überhitzungsschutz das Gerät abschalten kann. Reklamationen aus diesem Grund können daher verständlicherweise nicht anerkannt werden.

das habe ich gelesen, nachdem mir der erste einkochautomat beim maischen den dienst quittiert hat und ich diesen beim händler gegen einen neuen ausgetauscht hatte.
nachdem ich wieder dasselbe gerät hatte, musste ich einen weg um den überhitzungsschutz finden. der stand im weg zwischen mir und meinem bier – das geht nicht. ergo überhitzungsschutz deaktivieren…

hier wird beschrieben wie man das macht. Continue reading

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