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chromium icon hal edition…

Chromium Icon Hal Edition
Chromium Icon Hal Edition

Recently I’ve switched from Firefox to Chrome/Chromium (still don’t know which one to use). So far the browser is great. One of the reasons i switched was the HTML5 video capabilities of Chrome. Now i don’t have to indirectly support Flash any more. Another reason is the speed. It’s much faster than Firefox 3. Chrome still gives me the impression that Google is looking over ones shoulder. I know this is the case for every browser you use nowadays. Google Analytics, Google Docs, Gmail, Google font directory, etc. lets Google get a really good estimate of what we are doing. So it really does not matter what you use. you may as well use Chrome.

however the icons of chrome and chromium were a little too gumball machine like. so i grabed the chromium icon and recolored it. As reminder of the all knowing power behind it: HAL style 🙂

here you can grab the Mac Os X icon. have fun.

EDIT btw: the icon is under the same license as the original chromium icon.

6 replies on “chromium icon hal edition…”

Seems to me that you have given up all privacy for candy.

Google Analytics does not collect data from me (NoScript), I do not use Google Websearch (ixquick), Google Docs (local files), Gmail (local MUA on own IMAP) and Google fonts and my FireFox is fast enough for my purposes.

Am I living a minor (digital) life than guys like you?

You are very interested in things like data security in legislation. I’d be glad to discuss this obvious contradiction 😉

hello koarl!

indeed it is a little difficult.

I’m blocking Google Analytics as well (/etc/hosts, blocking everything not just java script) please don’t think google could not track you if you disable their java script files! it is really easy to have a fallback on (mostly 1x1pixel) images that track you as well. anyway AFAIK Google does not do that at the moment.
I do not use Google Analytics for my sites. I use Piwik which runs on my own server. Piwik has a fallback to html tracking in case java script is disabled 😉
i have to admit i do use the google search engine, beside others (wolframalpha, yahoo aka. bing).
@google docs
i’m using it if someone sends me a file to share. not using it for regular stuff.
using both. gmail and my own mail server. plus trying to use gpg more often. i’m surprised that not more people have a GPG key. is this still too geeky?
@google fonts
not using them on my sites. i hope html5 and css will soon replace this with individually hosted fonts. do you really think google can’t and would not track you through any of their services? and even if it is just a litte java script to include fonts?
the same is true for google ads! best tracking tool ever! at least for Google.
google maps website integration and other services just do the same…

i don’t think you live a minor digital life than me! i am, as you are too, interested in privacy and believe there is choice in every decision you make.
i decided to blur the image that google has from me by selecting the information i give out. i’m way too curious to keep my hands off of everything they do. so they eventually have some data about me.
i also believe that it is not possible to have 100% privacy, especially not if you use the net as frequently and heavily as i/we do. the only way to get that is to stay off the net or away from computers in any way. this is no option for me as a software development student 😉

Ich bin mit Deiner Argumentation nicht einverstanden; nur weil Google ohnehin schon viel über uns erfährt, müssen wir es ihnen nicht *noch* leichter machen, Daten über uns zu sammeln, oder?

LG, Joh 🙂

leichter machen auf keinen fall. hast du das rausgelesen?
für mich ist das eine funktion aus bequemlichkeit, gleichgültigkeit, privatsphäre und vertrauen. zu einem gewissen masz, gebe ich zu, bin ich bequem. ich versuche nicht auf biegen und brechen all meine daten vor google zu verstecken (das ist nicht gleich zu setzen mit öffentlich zugänglich machen). je nachdem wie wichtig mir gewisse informationen sind, werden diese mit unterschiedlichem aufwand verborgen, beschützt und gehütet. das soll nicht heissen dass ich google meine daten in den rachen werfe. wo immer eine vernünftige alternative besteht die ich mit aufwand und kosten vertreten kann nehme ich diese wahr (google analytics vs. piwik, gmail vs. eigener server, openoffice vs. google docs, etc.)
ich will nicht behaupten dass ich es google schwer mache. aber sicher nicht so leicht wie manch anderer.

btw: interessant wohin die diskussion über so ein kleines icon hindriftet 🙂

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