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word clouds in java script…

i’ve been waiting for this since i first used wordle. wordle was great. it has a great design and is easy to use, but the java plugin mess was horrible. it worked unter mac os x but linux support is just not there when you want to export a word cloud as vector graphic.

now jason davies did a similar thing but in java script; it’s open source and on github. thank you jason! your effort is very much appreciated ­čÖé

greets from graz:


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Big Bang Theory Relationship Diagram…

not 10 days ago meisterluk posted a graph of relationship data he collected watching The Big Bang Theory .

i was not quite happy with his visualization. so i redid it, here it is:

Big Bang Theory Relationship Diagram
Big Bang Theory Relationship Diagram

i hope it is self explanatory. in case it is not,

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[video] data visualization…

i’ve been following David McCandless’ rss feed on for some time now. he regularly has amazing visualizations about a lot of different topics that become much clearer when seen in his graphs. he was giving a talk at TED which i recommend watching. i especially like the one minute and ten seconds part at 6:20.