linux am ipod nano…

es ist mir mit hilfe von ipod linux und einem guten tutorial gelungen auf meinen nano ein linux zu spielen. der vorteil?
naja, jetzt kann ich mir auch videos anschauen. leider nur unkomprimierte varianten. d.h. eine halbe stunde kommt auf etwa 1,1 gigabyte.
spiele laufen auch recht gut.
musik abzuspielen geht leider nicht so fein wie unter der original firmware.
auch funktioniert die shell nicht wie sie soll.
alles in allem nett videos schaun zu können aber nur eine kleine spielerei 🙂

english version 😉
since there were a lot of downloads of my little video [ mirror 1]*
[ mirror 2]* , and not everybody does speak german, i decided to translate a bit.

i was curious about how linux on ipod would be. and ipodlinux is just supporting 1-3G ipods. so i first gave up the thought of installing linux on my nano which is apparently one of the 5thG.
i read that some guys did manage to do it anyhow. and then i just tried. thanks to this little how to. well that worked whit some twisting.
the next step was video. i encoded a video and then put it on my nano.
it worked great. although this half an hour shorty did take 1.1 gigabytes of memory since the nano doesn’t support compressed video (yet).
it seems that the big encoded video does have little problems with synchronous sound and video in the last part. you can see that in the video, when i wind the video forward.
sound does work. for video as well as for mp3 files (other formats not yet tested).

what does work:
-games. 🙂
-music playback (filebrowser)
-video playback (uncompressed only)

what does not work with the nano:
-doom does work, never the less there seems to be a little problem with the keylinking.
-the ‘music’ section does show the categories, but no content and whenever i try to enter the linux idles.
-the clock seems to reset everytime i reboot.

links zum thema:
ipodlinux – Video Player
Installationsanweisungen für den nano / how to install on the ipod nano

Video meines ipod nano beim abspielen eines videos / video of my ipod nano playing a video

[ torrent ] [.mp4]
torrent / torrent file

[mirror 0] [.mp4]
mein video / my video

[mirror 1] [.mov]*
mein video leicht modifiziert / same video slightly modified (intro),, thanks

[mirror 2] [.mp4]*
mein video / my video –, the fastest, thanks

[mirror 3] [flash]*
auf youtube / on youtube

follow ups: 😉
MacPress (brasil)
and others i wasn’t even able to read, because of the charsets (since i don’t speak russian or thai)

*EDIT: it seems mirror servers are unlasting. although the video is just a ‘quotation’ youtube took it off. and i guess so did

2 thoughts on “linux am ipod nano…”

  1. I’m sorry friend, I can’t speak German. Can you please tell me how you encoded the video for iPodLinux? I have installed iPodLinux on my Nano and have managed to get limited video playback working, but the colours are wrong because of a bug in mplayer mencoder for PPC. How did you get your Simpsons video clip to work if you encoded it on a Mac? Can Quicktime be used without mencoder? Please give me a hint as to what tools you used.

    Thanks, Jim.

  2. well actually i didn’t use mencoder for mac. i encoded the video on my linux box. so that worked fine. just used:

    $ mencoder -ovc raw -ofps 15 -oac pcm -vf scale=176:-2,expand=176:132,format=bgr16 in.avi -o out.avi

    but that little simpsons video of just half an hour did use 1.1 gigabyte of memory.

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