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DIY time-lapse timer…

i did a time-lapse video a few month ago. back then i used the video function from my eos 7D. extracted 2 frames per second, did some image manipulations and put it all back together at 24 frames per second.

video takes a lot of space. since time-lapse videos are much more interesting if you cover a big time interval you either have to have a huge memory card or you manage to turn down the amount of data that comes in. i decided to do the latter. since canon cams don’t come with a time-lapse function built in, one has to find an external time that does the job. there are several cheap external cable timers available. they just have one problem. they just do time intervals from 1 to about 9999 seconds. i needed less. 300 ms (0,3 sec) should be my smallest interval. so i built my own.