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quick fix for version problems with firefox addons…

i love firefox addons for certain quick tasks. they get things done so much faster and there are some really nice ones that i use regularly.

one of them was Exif Viewer, until it stopped working with version 3.6.* of firefox. 😐

since there was no update since July 2009 i didn’t expect a quick fix. so i did it myself.
here is what you do to make the addon work again (i already had it installed when i upgraded firefox to 3.6).

go to (the SOME_HEX_ID part is usually different for everone)

~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/[SOME_HEX_ID].default/extensions/exif_viewer@mozilla.doslash.org/

and edit the file install.rdf in that directory.
em:maxVersion="3.5.*" /> <!-- Firefox -->

em:maxVersion="3.9.*" /> <!-- Firefox -->

or a version number that suits you. after a firefox restart the exif viewer addon should work again.

i give no guarantee this will work on any version of firefox. after all there is a reason they put a version number in there 😉

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