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Fixing brushes of the iRobot…

I’ve been using the same old brushes for more than a year now on our “Profimaster Robot Model 2712″. They are a little misdesigned, as the brushes go under the wheels of the robot, which makes them tare.

I fixed the brushes with some Sugru™ and bristles from a simple wallpaper brush, which I used to hang the Open Streetmap Wallpaper.

Here are the pictures of the build and a video of the result:

pin garage door opener…

the Keypad

some of you may know the advantages of electric garage doors. they open from the inside of a car even when it’s raining. the disadvantage is the need for the remote control when you want to open that door. with our garage doors it’s similar. the opener is never there when you need to get in.
so i built myself a keypad opening system. Continue reading

reviving old apple headphones…

the original apple ear buds are not known for their comfort. so they are a good piece of old hardware to hack :)

i adapted them to have a shackle. this adds a lot of wearing pleasure and stability.

i took a wire to do the framing and some tape to fix the cable to it. then i coated the whole thing with sugru, apparently my new favorite working material.

nook power adapter sugrufied…

the nook power supply supports 240V
the nook power supply supports 240V

as i blogged a few days ago, i got a nook (german). as this device only sells in the US it comes with a US power supply. lucky me that the supply supports 100-240 Volts out of the box. so the hack to adapt it to european power outlets was rather simple.

the nook power supply and the fixing part
the nook power supply and the fixing part

i found myself an old device which didn’t need the jack anymore Continue reading