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Copyleft – no it’s not – or is it?

I’ve been on Youtube since 2006. Before there were ‘Youtubers’. My channel was never something to make money with. So the few videos I posted, used CC (creative commons licensed) music.

To find CC music there are some platforms out there. One of them is Jamendo. I found some great artists there that were kind enough to license their fabulous work under CC-BY and CC-BY-SA. Back in 2011 I posted a time lapse video, and to make it less – well boring – I used a song licensed under CC-BY. The downloaded files from 2008 of the album ‘Le Moins Pire’ show the CC-BY license in the license file.

Another download from 2010 shows a different album (‘Naturel’) with the same song on it (‘La rupture’), with a CC-BY-SA license. That’s the license I chose to use and mention on my video. But clearly the artist seems to have a history of moving to different licenses.

Years went by.

2020 I get an e-mail from Youtube telling me, I need to take no action, but someone claims copyright on the music I used. So the video cannot be monetized any more. So I can’t let Youtube put ads on it, and when it does the revenue goes to the copyright claimer.

What’s going on?

I looked at the link I put as credit in the information block of my video – dead. But luckily the Internet Archive has a copy from May 2011. The Screenshot of that is below.

The screenshot from the Internet Archive shows CC-BY-SA

The Internet Archive shows that Jamendo claims the license to be CC-BY-SA. My download from 2008 seems to have an even older license with CC-BY.

Searching for the song in 2020 on Jamendo shows it now is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND (no derivatives, no commercial).

the 2020 license is CC-by-nd-nc

Is that even possible? According to the CreativeCommons FAQ – no.

Why is the copyright and licensing system such a mess? How is it possible that big players in this business get it so wrong? Why is Google or Youtube not checking for the licensing history of artwork?

We need a system that allows everyone to enter licensing terms for artwork at a given time. Platforms need to track what song is under which license at what time, or at least when the artist ‘wanted’ a change. It’s the platforms decision if they want to restrict future downloads. They could continue to distribute under the old license as CC licenses are irrevocable.

But maybe putting a system like this in the hands of Youtube or Jamendo is not the best option. Maybe we need a system like the patenting system for copyright. Anyone should be able to license their work through such a system – but not only artists should claim their copyright. Also users should be able to attest their use of certain works under certain licenses.

english Hardware Gadgets video

Cory Doctorow – The coming war on general computation…

cory doctorow’s talk at the 28c3 is great! you should watch it. it really makes you think what kind of society we live in and if one should support companies that do censor their hardware.

the video is licensed under CC-BY and so is the audio stream. so – for those of you who want just the audio stream for a long trip and their mp3 player, i did extract the audio from the high quality video and put up a torrent here: – here is the magnet link. i will seed 🙂
and for everyone who is more into http here is the file for direct download. seed with that if you like.

english Howto photography video

miniature time-lapse with fake tilt shift (howto)…

i recently came across some videos that took my breath. tilt shift time-lapse videos. they produce kind of a miniature look combined with a stop motion and time lapse feature that was just nice.

of course i wanted to make one 🙂

here is how: