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Cory Doctorow – The coming war on general computation…

cory doctorow’s talk at the 28c3 is great! you should watch it. it really makes you think what kind of society we live in and if one should support companies that do censor their hardware.

the video is licensed under CC-BY and so is the audio stream. so – for those of you who want just the audio stream for a long trip and their mp3 player, i did extract the audio from the high quality video and put up a torrent here: http://tors.in/corydoctorow28c3 – here is the magnet link. i will seed 🙂
and for everyone who is more into http here is the file for direct download. seed with that if you like.

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miniature time-lapse with fake tilt shift (howto)…

i recently came across some videos that took my breath. tilt shift time-lapse videos. they produce kind of a miniature look combined with a stop motion and time lapse feature that was just nice.

of course i wanted to make one 🙂

here is how: Continue reading miniature time-lapse with fake tilt shift (howto)…

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